Import Cosmetics Product Proclamation in Vietnam

Nowadays, cosmetics is very popular with many lines and diverse products. To  controlling cosmetic origin and its quality, Vietnam Government’s regulations set out that all cosmetic products shall be issued the number of cosmetic product proclamation receiving by the authority agencies before putting and selling on the market. Cosmetic products which produce in Korean, Japan, US, Europe,.. are favorite currently, therefore, many companies in Vietnam import and distribute these products in Vietnam market. Import cosmetic products shall be proclaimed as well according to the procedure bellow:

The cosmetic proclamation dossier included:

  1. Cosmetic product proclamation report (02 versions) with the proclamation data (soft version of proclamation report) uses form in appendix No 01-MP, signed by the representative under laws and with the seal of the organizations or individuals who are responsible for sale products in the market at the positions of report’s paper margins.
  2. Original or notarized copy of letter of attorney from the producers or the owners of products authorized for organizations, individuals are responsible of putting products on the market in Vietnam. For the import product, the letter of attorney must be a copy notarized sign and consul legalized as provisions of law, except for being exempted of the consul  legalization in regard to international treaties in which Vietnam is a member. The presenting language must be Vietnamese or English or bilingual Vietnamese and English and must have sufficient the following contents:
  • The producer’s name and address; in case the delegating party is the owner of product, must clearly state name and address of the owner of product, and name and address of the producer as well;
  • The name and address of authorized organizations, individuals;
  • The scope of authorization (undersigned on the proclamation and circulation product in Vietnam);
  • The label or name of authorized product;
  • The time-limit of authorization;
  • The commitment of the producer or the owner of product to provide sufficient product information file (PIF) for organizations or individuals who are responsible for putting product on market;
  • Name, position, and the signature of the delegating party’s representative.
  1. Certificate of free sale (CFS) is only applied for import cosmetic product proclamation which satisfies the following requirements:
  • CFS which is issued by the current territory must have been original or legally notarized and still in the day of validity. In case CFS is not provided of the expiry day, it must be a certificate which has just been issued within 24 months.
  • CFS must be consul legalized according to provisions of the law, except consul legalization immunity case according to the international treaties in which Vietnam is a member.

The effect time: 05 years since issuing day. After 05-year-expiry, if organizations or individuals want to continue selling product in the market, they must make a proclamation again before the expiry of the receipt number of cosmetic product proclamation report and pay a regulated cost fee.


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