Our International Representatives


ICTLAW has established representative networks in these 12 countries above. Through this network, we believe that our professional legal service for you will be more effective and result oriented for your great achievement on international trade.

ICTLAW could support your company with the followings:

  • Support businesses participating in international trade fairs, international workshops and other trade promotion programs to increase trade, import-export business between Vietnam and other countries
  • Supporting businesses to find local and international partners, support to introduce projects and products for the parties and at the same time to advise laws and regulations in relation to international trade.
  • Through other partners in the world, we will support your company to obtain international licenses, standards for exportation and importation of products as well as well compliance with laws and regulations of targeted international markets.
  • Through our e-commerce platform Eplaza.vn and other e-commerce partners in over the world, ICTLAW could effectively support your company to setup warehouse for real time trade activities thorugh Amazon, Ebay,Alibaba, AlieExpress, Flipkart.

Our E-commerce platform project