Our mission

Our mission


The journey of starting and growing a business is abrupt for anyone with ambition to succeed. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey but along,  pleasing with opportunities, experiences, knowledge gained and above all, it’s a daily joyful moment allowing you to discover your dreams, ambitions and your aspiration.

Businesses, whether successful or still struggling in their beginning are good seeds, requiring care and nurturing in the best conditions possible to grow and to contribute to the development of the economy and the society of their home countries.

ICTLaw understands that and wishes to become a reliable companion of businesses, especially startups in Vietnam. We believe that our relentless efforts, the dreams we share and our commitment to values will greatly contribute to our beloved country, Vietnam.


  • A wide range of legal service packages adapted to the scale and needs of your startup in Hanoi.
  • Supporting newly established businesses by providing legal service, shipping insurance and assistance on tax administrative procedure for a competitive price of VND 3 million per month.
  • Assisting you on the completion of your business projects and bringing financial investors and your startup projects together.
  • In the first 3 months of your subscription, we offer you an additional free package allowing you to participate in our legal and business management training programs.
  • FREE marketing of your business products on Eplaza.vn which has a large scale of customer portfolio.

Specialized legal services of ICTLAW


Information and communication technology field

Information and communication technology is a specialized field that requires not only legal knowledge but also a solid technological background. In this field, ICTLAW is confident to have a team of attorneys and experts with profound knowledge and experience in technology and legal issues to resolve all legal issues, whether simple or common, for startup businesses or complex legal issues requiring knowledge in-depth expertise from large domestic and foreign technology companies. Specifically, we provide the following services:
- Consulting and providing reports on legal regulations, the latest updates in Vietnam's policies related to information and communication
technology and working with relevant state agencies to do clarify, promoting legal development for information and communication
technology in Vietnam.
- Representing and consulting to provide and transfer information technology solutions to domestic and foreign clients.
- Consulting on software development and distribution of software products; consulting on developing mobile applications and deploying
new technologies in Vietnam such as Edge Computing, IoT, Big Data, etc.
- Comprehensive consultancy on legal issues in the application of information technology for electronic payment and application of new
business models applying technology in Vietnam.
- Advising on issues related to market dominance in the field of information technology and communications.
- Applying for approval for technology businesses mergers, acquisitions, licensing, approval, and protecting clients in law enforcement.

Services in dispute resolution

ICTLAW is proud to have two attorneys co-founder at Hanoi International Arbitration Center (HIAC), the organization that provides the
first online dispute resolution (ODR) system in Vietnam. We advise your business to select HIAC as the dispute resolution agency to take
advantage of the convenience, flexibility and reasonable price from the ODR system of HIAC. Additionally, ICTLAW provides you with a team of experienced attorneys in resolving disputes through mediation arbitration and Vietnamese courts as well as international commercial arbitration. In specific, we provide you with the following services:
- Advice on dispute resolution strategies; analyze, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the parties to the dispute.
- Advice on methods to resolve disputes; represent customers in negotiating dispute resolution with partners.
- Participate in investigating, collecting, examining and evaluating evidence and documents; consult and support clients to draft and prepare dossiers to be presented to courts and arbitration.
- Advice on procedures and processes related to judgment execution; representatives in civil judgment execution procedures.
- Be authorized representative and protect legal rights of litigants in cases/matter in civil, commercial business, labor and administration.

Services in the field of M&A

ICTLAW consultants are experienced in providing legal advice and support to clients on many high-value M&A projects. Attorney have
extensive experience in dealing with legal issues on varieties, including:
- Consulting and supporting investors in selecting target businesses (for buyers) or shareholders, strategic partners (for sellers).
- Consulting on preparing Legal Due Diligence Report and Financial Due Diligence Report of the target business.
- Advising on corporate M&Amethods in accordance with the law.
- Consulting, supporting the development and implementation of the offering plan (for the seller) and the acquisition plan (for the buyer) based on evaluating and analyzing information on policies, laws and market.
- Consulting, supporting on valuation of enterprises and assets subject to M&A.
- Consulting, supporting on negotiation of contracts, M&A agreements (business contracts, share transfer contracts, capital contribution
portions in enterprises; contracts on sale and purchase of corporate assets).
- Consulting, supporting legal procedures in conducting M&A deals (registration of operations of enterprises, registration of M&A activities
with competent agencies, including notification/permission procedures at competition management agencies).
- Consulting on restructuring, reorganizing and deploying activities of post M&A businesses.
- Consulting on the implementation of financial obligations and other legal procedures related to the M&Adeal

Services in the field of international trade

ICTLAW with a team of highly trained and professional lawyers in developed countries has full experience to advise and resolve legal issues
in the field of international trade, including:
- Consulting on drafting, negotiating international trade contracts with partners.
- Consulting on drafting required national and international laws and documents, and represent clients to work with competent authorities in Vietnam and abroad to obtain approvals in international trade transactions.
- Representing under authority for clients to resolve international trade disputes at judicial agencies such as courts or international arbitration
- Consulting and authorized representatives for customers and associations in initiating and investigating anti-dumping, anti-subsidy,
and application of safeguard measures lawsuits.
- Consulting on international laws and practices applicable to goods trading, intermediary activities in international trade

Services in the field of investment

With strength and experience of one of the leading companies in the field of investment consultancy, ICTLAW is providing package consulting services to domestic and foreign investors who need to invest in Vietnam. Investment consulting services in Vietnam provided by ICTLAW include:
- Advice on the form of investment, investment procedures, support information on location to implement the invested projects.
- Prepare necessary documents; carry out the procedures for obtaining Investment Registration Certificates and other investment procedures at competent state agencies.
- Explain to individuals, agencies and organizations matters related to invested projects; accelerate the process of implementing investment
procedures at competent state agencies.
- Advice on rental costs, preferential tariffs on project cost, transaction and business operation of Vietnamese investors, especially in the field of high technology.
- Answer promptly and fully legal questions after completing the provision of investment advisory services.

Services in the field of real estate

With the experience and knowledge background of ICTLAW consultants and lawyers, we are able to provide the crucial advices to real estate
developers and complete innovative real estate projects in all regions of Vietnam, including:
- Consulting on selecting optimal solutions / models / structures to implement Real Estate Business Project in Vietnam.
- Designing a real estate company model to meet client's business strategies.
- Assisting clients in obtaining the necessary licenses to carry out Real Estate Business Projects.
- Handling real estate transaction structure to ensure the best rights and interests for clients.
- Participating in negotiation and drafting of real estate lease, purchase and transfer contracts arising during the real estate project
implementation process.
- Drafting agreements, contracts and implementation of real estate transfer procedures.
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