Consultancy on establishment and business registration

With good understanding of entrepreneurship and business development, ICTLAW works closely with the business community from establishing to growing and developing. The consulting areas of ICTLAW
are as follows:
– Consulting on conditions and procedures for enterprise establishment and registration.
– Selecting the type of business, name of business, main business lines registration.
– Consulting on documents and procedures for establishing businesses, branches, business locations and representative offices.
– Consulting on registration of information adjustment: name of the enterprise, address of head office, legal representative, members, owners, shareholders, charter capital, main business lines registration, etc,…
– Consulting on transfer of contributed capital, selling of shares.
– Consulting on procedures for suspension, dissolution and bankruptcy of enterprises.

Consultancy on conditional business licensing procedures

With a thorough understanding of the legal system of conditional business lines in Vietnam, ICTLAW helps startups to understand and to meet the provisions of the law.
Licensing consulting areas:
– License to set up general website.
– License to set up social networks
– License for online e-commerce trading.
– License for travel service business.
– Register for running promotions.
– Register for barcodes

Investment advisory

ICTLAW provides all-in consulting services to domestic and foreign investors wishing to invest in Vietnam. In addition, ICTLAW has strengths in advising investment projects under business cooperation contracts (BCC), BOT, BTO, BT forms or public-private partnership (PPP) between competent state agencies and businesses. Investment consulting services in Vietnam provided by ICT LAW include:
– Consulting on selecting investment fields, geographical areas and scale of investment.
– Consulting investment procedures.
– Representing investors to submit investment registration documents to the competent authorities.
– Consulting on transfer of investment projects.
– Giving advice on preferential policies for projects, transactions and business activities of investors in Vietnam.
– Consulting on granting certificates of land use right and properties attached to land, subleasing workshop.
– Consulting on changes in investment content registered

M&A advisory (Mergers and Acquisitions)

ICTLAW is well aware of current M&A trends and modes. We have experience in legal advising for M&A projects in many different fields and scales, including:
– Consulting on business M&A methods in accordance with Vietnamese law.
– Consulting, supporting the development and implementation of the offering plan (for the seller) and the acquisition plan (for the buyer) based on evaluating and analyzing information on policies, laws and understanding the market.
– Consulting on company valuation.
– Consulting to complete legal documents for businesses before offering


Patent & Design Prosecution

Your patents are an increasingly important and valuable component of your asset portfolio in today’s market. We offer innovative, commercially-focused and practical advice to help you protect and manage your patents portfolio strategically. Our services in this area include:

  • Patent/design registration (including preparation, translation and filing of applications to for patents, designs and utility models, including advising clients on the patentability and protection of inventions);
  • Protection program (including advice on or help to formulate programs to identify and protect inventions);
  • Patent licensing (including patent licensing and cross-licensing work);
  • Patent litigation and disputes (involving patent infringement, oppositions, ownership dispute/interference proceedings, and alternative dispute resolution).

Trademark Prosecution

Your trademarks are an increasingly important and valuable component of your asset portfolio in today’s brand-driven global economy. We offer innovative, commercially-focused and practical advice to help you protect and manage your trademark portfolio strategically. Our services in this area include:

  • Advising on selection and suitability of marks for registration;
  • Trademark classifications;
  • Searching prior registrations and applications;
  • Advising on prospects for obtaining registration;
  • Filing applications and prosecution to registration;
  • Conducting opposition proceedings;
  • Advising on proper use of trademarks in packaging, labelling, advertising in print and electronic media;
  • Watching and renewing registrations;
  • Advising on rights in trade names, trade dress, passing-off, unfair competition, and unregistered trademark rights acquired through use;•
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements for the purchase, sale, or licensing of trademark rights;
  • Registering license and user agreements; and
  • Trademark enforcement and litigation.

Copyright Prosecution

We advise and assist clients in determining the protection possibilities, counselling on registration and other steps that can yield significant advantages in licensing and protecting copyrights. Our services in this area include:

  • Copyrightability advice;
  • Research for ownership and protectability issues;
  • Advice on registration, use and protection;
  • Agreement negotiation and preparation for the creation, ownership, licensing, purchase, sale or collection of royalties (under copyright licenses) of copyright material;
  • Infringement advice and anti-piracy (including taking legal action against infringers); and
  • Copyright dispute litigation.

IP Commercialization

We advise and assist clients in determining the protection possibilities, counselling on registration and other steps that can yield significant advantages in maintaining and protecting their rights. Our services in this area include: IP due diligence and analysis (including searches for infringement, registrability and validity analysis, IP risk assessments, etc.);

  • Cross-border and multi-national transactions (including IP licensing, franchising, IP acquisitions, distributorship, technology transfer, confidentiality, etc.); and
  • Other services (including consumer products, foods and beverages, trade secret, data protection, etc.).

IPR Enforcement & Litigation

Our services in this area include:

  • IP identification, investigation, survey;
  • Anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy and preventive program (including public relations);
  • Warning, negotiation, mediation, dispute resolution, arbitration;
  • Representing and defending before competent authorities (including NOIP, customs, market management, competition management, arbitration, and court system); and Enforcement.



We provide comprehensive legal services and supports to franchising transactions and activities in Vietnam.

Our main services include, but not limited to:
  • Researching and selecting appropriate business franchise systems upon request of clients;
  • Evaluating potentiality and perspective of business franchise systems and capacity of franchisors/franchisees;
  • Providing legal opinions during negotiating process;
  • Drafting and examining franchising contract items to ensure client’s benefits, in conformity with Vietnamese laws;
  • Providing advice on registration procedures and obtaining approvals for franchising transactions;
  • Watching and protecting clients’ benefits during the franchising process.

Commercial Transactions

We provide legal advice on all aspects and practical issues of commercial transactions including in-country and cross-border transactions. Our main services include, but not limited to:

  • Providing legal review and assessments on commercial transactions with an in-depth analysis on its disadvantages or risks;
  • Assisting in drafting and/or reviewing contracts and documents related to commercial transactions in conformity with Vietnamese laws;
  • Representing clients in negotiation on the transactions, including contracts and documents with third parties;
  • Reviewing and designing innovative legal solutions for implementation of the transactions; Advising on strength and weakness of clients under commercial transactions in dispute, and advising on strategy to resolve the dispute;
  • Assisting and representing clients in settlement of disputes through negotiation/reconciliation.

Retainer Services

ICTLAW provides monthly legal advices on all aspects of Vietnamese laws related to business and investment transactions of international and local corporations, business establishments and individuals in Vietnam.

Our main services include, but not limited to:
  • Providing legal advices on all aspects related to clients’ business and investment transactions and activities in Vietnam including establishment of companies, representative offices, branches, taxation, property leases, employments, corporate organizational structures, commercial contracts, joint venture contracts, constructions and tenders, etc.;
  • Drafting or revising all types of documents and papers related to business and investment transactions in conformity with Vietnamese laws in order to protect clients’ legitimate rights and benefits in transactions;
  • Reviewing and providing legal solutions on clients’ proposed business and investment transactions towards safe, profitable and reliable in practice;
  • Representing or assisting clients in negotiation on papers, documents and contracts in business and investment transactions with their partners;
  • Providing secretariat services to clients, such as translation and certification on documents, arrangements for notarization on documents, certification, updating legal regulations, etc.;
  • Assisting or representing clients to complete administrative procedures for obtaining permits, approvals, and licenses required to clients’ business activities and projects in Vietnam.


Foreign trade and e-commerce advisory

ICTLAW’s lawyers were highly trained in the specialization from developed countries. We are experienced in consulting and solving legal issues in the field of international trade and contract law, such as:
– Consulting on drafting and negotiating international trade contracts.
– Consulting on drafting documents as required by national and international laws represent clients to work with competent authorities in Vietnam and abroad to obtain approvals in transactions in international commerce.
– Consulting on international laws, international practices, and customs applicable to goods purchase and sale transactions and trade intermediaries’ activities in international trade.

Trade promotion services

We provides international trade promotion services for you to sell your products to the international market. Our trade promotion services include:
– Find buyers and partners in foreign markets for you.
– Become trade representatives to exchange and work with foreign partners .
– Coordinating in organizing delegations to participate in promotional activities like trade fairs, workshops, convention or meetings for presenting your products with foreign partners.
– Conduct market research, marketing and communication activities in foreign markets for your successful trade in those markets.